Measure and evaluate

We can measure and analyse your carbon footprint, resource efficiency and environmental impact to help you become a more sustainable business or organisation. 

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Environmental reporting and disclosure

Turn good environmental performance into competitive advantage by communicating the value of sustainability to customers and stakeholders. 

ESOS compliance

Our team of experts will help you implement a range of energy efficiency and cost cutting opportunities that will save your organisation money in the long run. 

Footprint measurement and analysis

Measure and analyse all aspects of your company’s carbon and environmental impact, including your product, organisation and value chain footprint. 

Resource efficiency: carbon, water and waste measurement and reduction

Investing in energy, water and waste efficiency can provide significant financial benefits while enhancing your organisation’s reputation. 

Value and supply chain sustainability

Improve efficiency, cut costs and become more resilient by taking action on value chain and supply chain carbon emissions and resource use. 

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Interest-free loans for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in Wales.